Tiramisù 1.0 beta available

Tiramisù is getting close to the final release…

What changed and why

Land-use is back

I previously removed a lot of land-use patterns with the goal of cleaning up the map background, probably too much. After quite a bit of work they are back. I hope that I found the right balance between completeness and clutter. Thanks for the push, Tobias.

Forests are now lighter to be less intrusive and grass is put behind everything else: bad mapping with overlapped land-use should be less of a problem.

Seamless patterns

Patterns are now seamless by themselves and fit evenly in MapsForge’s 256x256px tile size. They should look much better now in every situation.

Fixed water ways (hopefully)

Pipelines should now appear only if overground. Water bodies are now opaque to prevent river axis from showing through. In some lakes it looked really bad.

Contour lines

I had problems to see contour lines in forest areas, so I made them a little thicker and darker starting from zoom-level 15.

Steps and bridges

Steps and paths on bridges are now uniformed to the general style (they retained Elevate’s style before).


Grade 2 tracks have now a uniform light brown/yellowish core. Grades 3 to 5 have a dashed brown colour: the darker and the shorter the dash, the higher the grade. Just like before, but the difference is now more visible. Thanks for the push, Fabrizio.

Network highlighting

Hiking networks’ highlighting is less transparent than before to be more consistent with different backgrounds.

Low-density displays support (sort of)

There are now three versions of Tiramisù, they work independently and can coexist side by side. The only real difference is symbols size, everything else is the same. In the LR version some symbols are a little too blurred: fixing that at this stage is too much work, I’ll do it with the final release. Meanwhile you can test the icon’s size.

What’s missing

Not much. I’m waiting the new OpenAndroMaps to add full SAC scale to paths, and complete hut classification. I hope to have the final release before the end of January. Meanwhile please test and let me know how it works for you in the comments (the “leave a comment” link is at the top of the page). Italian, English and French accepted.

How to install

First download the zipped theme file.

This version is deprecated. You should get the newer one instead.

  • Tiramisù 1.0 LR beta (Suggested for 200 dpi devices)
  • Tiramisù 1.0 beta (Suggested for 300 dpi devices)
  • Tiramisù 1.0 HR beta (Suggested for 450 dpi devices)

Then follow the standard instructions at the OAM website.

When done, open the Oruxmaps settings and change the mapsforge text multiplier (Settings->Maps and scroll way down) to anything that makes the text readable on your screen. As a rule of thumb 1.0 for 200 dpi, 1.5 for 300 dpi and 2 for 450 dpi is a good start.

Then check the default zoom level (Settings->Maps->Zoom settings->Default zoom) and set it to 100%.  Oruxmaps has the arguable feature of setting it to higher values by default on high density displays. This makes a lot of sense for raster maps, but makes vector ones look jagged, so you really should set it back to 100%.


13 thoughts on “Tiramisù 1.0 beta available

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  1. Hei, the tiramisu look really cool. I tried to use it with geopaparazzi, but I had to change all the paths from file:/Tiramisu to file:./Tiramisu to be able to use them.
    Would it be possible to distribute them like that? I assume they are anyways concatenated to another parent path, in which case the “./” should not be a problem.

    Anyways thanks a lot for the nice theme! Using it right away :)

    Maybe one last question. I found no theme that would show the moutain huts with the name. This only comes when zooming in a lot. Could you tell me which tag to change to get those shown by name at a lower zoom?

  2. Hi Moovida,

    thanks for your comment. I didn’t know about Geopaparazzi, looks interesting for mapping.

    I will look into the path problem, if it doesn’t cause issues with Oruxmaps I can surely change it.

    Huts are drawn as a circle from zoom level 13. The symbol is drawn on top of that from zoom level 16 along with the name. From zoom level 18 elevation is added. You change these zoom levels between lines 411 and 433, just lower the numbers. Shelters are defined in a similar way in lines 1342-1353. Keep in mind that adding a text label to a symbol with the current Mapsforge version will increase the likelihood of the symbol disappearing when there is a conflict with other symbols. So it makes sense to show just the symbol up to a certain zoom level: if you are looking for shelter in an emergency it is much better to just have the symbol alone, if you want to know the name just zoom in. So far I haven’t paid much of attention to that aspect because I was waiting for the new OpenAndroMaps features that arrived a few days ago. This area is going to see quite a few changes soon.


  3. The problem with huts is that many are tagged to the building ways. On a way you can only show either a name OR a symbol, not both. I use a new rule in my theme (Elevate) which shows the name at nodes at level 14, and replaces the symbol at ways at level 16, that’s all starting at line 1188.
    Maybe you adjust that for your use (zoom-min) and use it in Tiramisu.

  4. Hi,

    Just a note:
    Normally in official mapsforge engine at render themes, the file paths with prefix file:/ are interpreted as absolute paths and with prefix file: are interpreted as relative paths to the theme xml file position.

    This is till latest release version 0.3.X because at the next release the prefix file:/ will be treated (and) as relative path, for user convenience.

    This is already supported by Cruiser.

    Best regards, Emux

  5. @Tobias,
    I was referring to this comment from Christian.
    Yes it actually refers to ways rather than nodes, I forgot that detail. However I have the impression that texts are considered more important than symbols, so in general I try to minimize them (eg. elevations are mostly superfluous since we have contour lines and DEM altitudes) to avoid conflicts.
    Of course I already harvested your code, with some adaptations. :-)

    @geopaparazzi, sorry but your syntax gives a black screen in Oruxmaps. It’s just a search and replace, so if you think the user base is big enough I can supply a specific file for the final release. But maybe it would be better to change the app as suggested by Emux to make it more future proof.

  6. Hi Maki,
    sorry for the misunderstanding, my comment was meant for moovida. Maybe my (new) implementation of hut names in your theme would be a solution for him.

    What captions are concerned – I haven’t found a reliable solution to influence wether one is eliminated or not. I don’t think they are considered more important, they are probably just show´n if the space allows it. E.g. they are eliminated if they are touching the associated symbol when dy isn’t enough. See the discussion at mapsforge dev about rendering issues…


  7. Hello everybody, thanks a lot for your replies and help.
    I will surly try your suggestions for the huts.
    Also I wasn’t aware of the elevate theme.

    @Maki, not problem, I will tweak the theme to work with geopaparazzi, it is not that hard. I would also make it available for geopaparazzi users, can I place it somewhere to download? It would be better if it was downloaded from your site, since you are the author. Would that be feasible for you?

    It would be so cool if there was a site where the themes could be downloaded and installed directly form the apps. It is a change I would be very willing to do. :)

    Thanks for those great themes!

  8. Hi Moovida,

    don’t worry I will tweak it myself, it’s just a search and replace. I hope to release 1.0RC by the end of the week, the big stuff is done, including the new hut/shelter code derived from Elevate. I still need to do some cleaning and build a legend, it takes some time.

    About a theme repository… great idea. Christian and Tobias are already using a public FTP that can be synced with various apps. It’s a solution that has strengths (in particular you download only what changes) and weaknesses (I’d prefer to receive a notification with a change log when there’s a new version, and the ability to roll back). See this discussion on the Oruxmaps forum .

  9. Hi Maki, so you will create a download just for geopaparazzi? Amazing, thanks!
    Do you have a link to the discussion in the Oruxmap forum, I am not subscribed. Thank you.

  10. Hi,

    I’d like to inform about Atlas, a Java application using mapsforge, being compatible with OpenAndroMaps.
    It was announced at mapsforge mailing list:

    Atlas is a Java map viewer of vector maps and online tile sources.

    – Map file chooser (Ctrl+O)
    – Render theme file chooser (Ctrl+Shift+O)
    – Reload map (F5)
    – Map file info
    – Debug: Draw tile boundaries
    – Debug: Show coordinates on tiles
    – Online tile providers (MapQuest, Mapnik, Cycle Map, MapBox Satellite)
    – Compatible with OpenAndroMaps

    It is free, closed source application,
    using mapsforge rescue 0.4.0-snapshot.

    Best regards, Emux

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