Tiramisù 1.0 released

It’s been a long wait but eventually I’m releasing the 1.0 version of Tiramisù. Nothing really changes from the latest RC, but I’m giving it a static URL rather than referring to blog posts. You can also download the Inkscape SVG files with all the icons and patterns.

This will be the last version for Mapsforge 0.3. The next Oruxmaps version will switch to 0.5 which changes quite a lot of, and I will focus on that.



8 thoughts on “Tiramisù 1.0 released

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  1. I can’t really understand the reason why this is not included in oruxmaps, along with the ability to automatically retrieve any updates.
    Installing zip files by hand is a massive waste of time and I usually end up NOT TO update any themes because of this. My non-nerdy friends can’t use any theme by any means.

    Thanks for your work!

  2. Hi Anal, bundling themes with an app would be problematic, if anything because of the file size increase. But things should definitely be simpler. This point has already been raised on both the Oruxmaps forum and the Mapsforge mailing list. Ludwig (MF developer) acknowledged that we should have a packaging format for themes in order to make handling easier, but at the moment he has other priorities. I partially agree, because a proper system that takes care of auto-updating needs some thinking; on the other hand a very simple format, like a compressed file with a recognized extension would already be a good start and should not be that difficult to implement. Let’s wait and see. :-)

  3. Amazing!!!! Thanks a ton for doing the geopap adaption. Sad this will be the last one for us, since geopap bases on mapsforge 3.

  4. Hi Moovida, there are technical reasons why the new theme will not be recommended with MapsForge 0.3. It will actually work, but not well. In the next days I’ll post a public beta and I’ll explain better.

    But, why are you stuck with 0.3? Unless you are using an heavily customized library AFAIK 0.4 is a drop-in replacement.

  5. Hi Maki, I am stuck on 0.3, because it was the last that supported raster tiles. I love the vector *.map files, but also absolutely need the possibility to create tilesets (for example from aerial pictures and vector layers overlayed) for surveys and also to support WMS services.
    As far as I know this got kicked out after 0.31 and never came back. That is more or less the only reason.

  6. I didn’t even know that Mapsforge supported bitmap tiles before… but I’m pretty sure that Mapsforge 0.4 supports transparent layers, have you thought about using mbtiles for raster and Mapsforge to overlay vectors? That’s what Ludwig suggested to have hillshading (without any specific reference to mbtiles).
    Anyway I just released the new beta, as you can see from an aesthetic point of view the change is small, you can safely stay with the old version.

  7. Mapsforge again supports raster tiles from versions 0.4.
    You can actually check them at both Cruiser / Atlas that include it..

    You can use any WMS like provider and there is even support for offline tile store in classic pyramid structure.


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