Tiramisù 2.0 beta 2

What’s new

I finally completed the job of making highways scale in a graceful way. From zoom level 13 upwards every width and dash-stroke has been defined mathematically to keep exact proportions at every zoom level. Widths increase according to a square root law, i.e. fast at the beginning and slower at the end.

I also redefined some graphical aspects, namely:

  • Got rid of ski pistes that were getting too much in my way
  • New cores for untagged tracktypes, the original one was too flashy. This one should be recognizable if one wants to, but still blend better with others
  • New bi-colour dash-dot pattern for paths without SAC tagging
  • New bi-colour dash-dot pattern for paths with SAC tagging in the T4+ range
  • Railways are now always uni-linear, and drawn below other highways
  • Contour lines are now a warm grey tone rather than brown. Makes tracks stand out better
  • Probably something else that I forgot

Download and install

At the moment this theme only really works well with Oruxmaps 5.5.23 (from beta 11) on 320 dpi devices. There are however some additional settings that help minimize the issue.

Download from here and install as usual.

This version is deprecated. You should get the newer one instead.

Then go into “Settings>Maps>Mapsforge settings” and tweak the parameters to your liking. As a starting point I suggest:

  • for 300-320 dpi set everything to 1
  • for 450-480 dpi set the text multiplier to 1 and the others to 1.5. The map will be smaller than intended, but things should be kept in proportion
  • for 200-233 dpi set the text multiplier to 1 and the others to 0.75. The map will be bigger than intended, but things should be kept in proportion

6 thoughts on “Tiramisù 2.0 beta 2

Add yours

  1. Thanks for your megawork.
    Life should definitely be easier for the end users though. Any chance to see this installed as a pre-defined theme in Locus? So that the poor little user just has to select it and go? :)

  2. Hi Fabio, I’m afraid the answer is no, sorry. I don’t use Locus and I don’t even know if and how Tiramisù behaves there. I know they use a modified 0.3 library, so since the 2.x versions of my theme are for Mapsforge 0.4 only I’m not optimist. The older one has a better chance, but as far as I’m concerned 0.3 is dead.

    I plan however to support the autoinstall feature in the next upcoming Oruxmaps version. It doesn’t work in the beta right now because of hosting issues that I hope to solve.

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