Tiramisù 2.0 released

In order to celebrate a new OruxMaps version, what about a new theme? Well, it was mostly necessary, due to the changes in the rendering engine. Being there I revamped the whole thing.

What’s new?

If you tried the latest beta nothing relevant, just some minor fine tuning. If you are running the original Tiramisù there are quite a lot of changes, the main ones being:

  • The colour scheme has been generally optimised to work better across a wider range of displays
  • Streamlined rendering at lower zoom levels. It means faster rendering times since small things (that would be invisible anyway) are ignored, and easier to read maps
  • Highways, tracks and paths scale in a graceful way, keeping things in proportion regardless of the zoom level. This one made the file size explode and probably impacted a bit on rendering times, but I really couldn’t stand the default way Mapsforge scales anymore
  • Drastically changed primary roads, motorways and trunks to match the paper maps I’m used to
  • New cores for untagged track types, the original one was too flashy. This one should be recognizable if one wants to, but still blend better with others
  • New bi-colour dash-dot pattern for paths without SAC tagging
  • New bi-colour dash-dot pattern for paths with SAC tagging in the T4+ range
  • Railways are now always uni-linear, and drawn below other highways
  • Got rid of ski pistes. The code is actually still there, if you really want them uncomment lines 1554-1560. Lifts are still displayed
  • Natural reserves are shown only at lower zoom levels, since there is currently no reliable way to show them in an unobtrusive way. If you are in a park you should know, anyway.
  • Single theme: Oruxmaps can now scale icons, so you only need to properly set the preference without worrying to know fancy things like your device display density.

That’s all. Just go and download it.


5 thoughts on “Tiramisù 2.0 released

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  1. I don’t use Locus, so I can’t answer for sure. To the best of my knowledge Locus uses a modified 0.3 version of Mapsforge, so in theory it will work but things will be very small on current phones. Just try and see, it shouldn’t do any harm.

  2. Thanks for trying Erik. I finally tried it in Locus myself too, as expected it loads and displays fine, but it’s way smaller than in Oruxmaps, in particular lines are thinner. IMHO it’s not optimal, but if it works for others… so much better. :-)

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