Tiramisù 3.0.2 released

Small but important update for Tiramisù.

Starting from August OpenAndroMaps will change the internal tagging of features in a way that makes old themes incompatible. They will apparently work but some paths would not be displayed correctly. A further change will occur in October

Please upgrade to Tiramisù 3.0.2 as soon as possible. This version is compatible with existing and future maps.

Note that only the XML file actually changes, so if you prefer you can skip replacing the assets folder.

Tiramisù 3.0 released

After almost one year of beta phase I just released the final version of Tiramisù. Actually, nothing really changed from the beta, except for some internal tweaks that should make the coexistence with other themes easier. If you were still using the old 2.0 version you can get in touch with the new features here.

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