Tiramisù, a theme for OpenAndroMaps with Oruxmaps and MapsForge compatible apps

New home for Tiramisù

Starting from 2022 I have discontinued Tiramisù. Igor Magellan stepped in to continue the work, currently available on GitHub. I’m keeping this page available for historical purposes, but unless you have the need for old versions, please refer to the new version.

What’s that?

Tiramisù is a MapsForge theme built to style the maps from OpenAndroMaps in Oruxmaps and compatible apps.

The theme, just like the maps, has a strong focus on hiking and general outdoor use, showing not only paths and tracks, but land use, water and food sources, and accommodation as well.

Taking advantage of the latest MapsForge features Tiramisù has three built-in styles, for hiking, mountain biking and road cycling that can be fine tuned to suit individual needs.

A few words of warning…

OpenandroMaps are based on OpenStreetMap data, which is full of good stuff but it’s still far from perfect with incomplete areas and sometimes wrong information.

Contour lines come from other sources and aren’t always super precise: while generally adequate for hiking and cycling they can sometimes be insufficient for alpinism. There are also visible junction problems at tile borders.

While things generally work well enough, there may be situations where wrong data or a wrong interpretation due to bugs in the theme can lead to dangers. You are responsible for yourself, please don’t blindly trust the maps.

A few particular notes about paths. In hiking style, difficulty level is shown according to the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) scale. If you are not familiar with it I strongly suggest to read the difficulty description on the OSM site. Please note that the T4-T6 range is not really hiking but rather alpinism (use of hands, if not ice axe, crampons and rope, is necessary to go ahead). Do not take this lightly. Be careful, and gather as much information as you can from other sources before you go onto those paths.

As far as MTB style is concerned the difficulty scale is derived from the Singletrail-Skala, with some guesswork when data is absent (notably for the uphill on paths).

License and price

The theme is released under the CC license: use it, hack it, share it, it’s free. However, if you like it and use it, I kindly ask you to donate a few Euros to the OpenandroMaps project so that Christian can continue to give us this fabulous tool. Building and serving the maps costs a lot, really.


Tiramisù is based on the highly appreciated Elevate theme from Tobias Kuehn.  Patterns and symbols are either original or derived from the following collections that have different licenses (please, check source files for detailed information):
(BTW, my nickname has nothing to do with the mapbox one)

How to install

The current recommended version for Oruxmaps 6.5 and other Mapsforge 0.5 apps (which at the time of this writing means Cruiser, basically) is Tiramisù 3.0.1.

As said above, starting from 2022 I have discontinued Tiramisù. Igor Magellan stepped in to continue the work, currently available on GitHub.I’m keeping this page available for historical purposes, but unless you have the need for old versions, please refer to the new version.

Download it and follow the standard instructions at the OAM website. On most devices it should work out of the box, except for icon size that will be right only on 300 dpi devices. You can set a scaling factor in the Mapsforge preferences (Settings->Maps and scroll way down) to suit your need/tastes.

Older versions

I’m keeping the older version available for those stuck with apps that use the 0.3 and 0.4 Mapsforge library. Choose the version that’s closer to your display dpi. First download the appropriate theme files below.

Then follow the standard instructions at the OAM website.

You can also download the old PDF legend, optimized for phone displays. I suppose that the maps are intuitive enough, but still… you may want to save it somewhere on the phone for quick off-line access.

When done, open the Oruxmaps settings and change the mapsforge text multiplier (Settings->Maps and scroll way down) to anything that makes the text readable on your screen. As a rule of thumb 1.5 for 300 dpi and 2 for 450 dpi is a good start.

Then check the default zoom level (Settings->Maps->Zoom settings->Default zoom) and set it to 100%.  Some Oruxmaps versions have the arguable feature of setting it to higher values by default on high density displays. This makes a lot of sense for raster maps, but makes vector ones look jagged, so you really should set it back to 100%.

Graphics source files

You can download the Inkscape SVG files with all the symbols and patterns used in Tiramisù. The files are set up to allow batch export of all the icons at once using the technique explained by Bulia Byak in this forum thread. I strongly recommend to read and understand that before touching anything since it’s easy to break it by mistake. Note that the boxes on the “Name boxes” layer must be set to full transparency before exporting, the colour is to make them visible during editing.

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  1. Great theme! But there seems to be missing something for long distance MTB trails. With Elevelo or Elements Country I can see both the Munda Biddi Trail (MTB trail) and Bibbulmun Track (walking track), in different colors and marked MBT and BT, but with Tiramisu only the BT track is shown. Except for that little detail it’s perfect!

  2. Hi bohwaz, it’s a feature not a bug. :-)

    In the first preliminary versions I tried to support cycle networks and MTB scale but eventually decided against it. The problem is that there are hiking, cycling and MTB networks, and each of them has local, regional, national and international variants. I think you can’t really show 12 kind of networks and still have a readable map, especially since the same path/road may belong to more than one category. So I decided that for now Tiramisù is an hiking-only theme, even if, ironically, I mostly use it while biking. Currently only hiking networks are shown with no distinction between local, regional and such.

    That’s not the only limit. Since this is mostly my personal theme, built for my needs, it is optimised for usage in mountain areas. In flatter, wider areas (Iceland) it clearly doesn’t work well. Contour lines, for example should be shown earlier. But I had to make compromises.

    The upcoming Mapsforge version (0.5) will add a lot of new features that will help sort this stuff out. I have some ideas, but I have to try them. I hope to have a cycling version for next spring.

  3. Hi, impossible to download the file. Clicking on the link opens page in Box, listing the file, but from this page, the “download” buttons are not functionning….
    If you may have a look.

  4. Hi Laurent, I just tried and it’s working fine here. What you describe usually happens when the montly bandwidth is over, but there’s plenty of it right now. Have you tried with a different browser? Maybe a javascript hichup with your particular configuration. If you can’t get it working drop me a line and I’ll send the theme by email.

  5. Hi Maki,

    I just did a new test, same issue… Download buttons are “clickable”… but do nothing. Then, due to your suggestion about “particular configuration”, I tried again deactivating all modules / extensions of Firefox… and it worked ! I don’t know which extension is more or less incompatible with Box, but the most important is that I’ve been able to get your theme.

    Thank you


    Le 18/09/2017 à 21:51, Casapagina di Maki a écrit : > Maki commented: “Hi Laurent, I just tried and it’s working fine here. > What you describe usually happens when the montly bandwidth is over, but > there’s plenty of it right now. Have you tried with a different browser? > Maybe a javascript hichup with your particular configura” >

  6. Ciao. Se vuoi ospitalità dei file per creare dei link diretti di installazione ti posso dare dello spazio gratuito su un server in Germania con un’ottima banda. In caso scrivimi!

  7. Buon giorno. Ho messo il tema tiramisu su oruxMaps del mio smartphone e lo trovato meglio di elevate ma ha perso la simbologia dei colli/passi. Questo simbolo per noi escursionisti e’ molto importante. Posso o potete fare qualche cosa a riguardo ?

  8. Ciao Marco, la mia è una scelta deliberata. Anche a me piace il simbolo classico dei passi, purtroppo però non mi è possibile orientarlo secondo la direzione del passo come avviene sulle mappe classiche (quantomeno all’epoca non era possibile, è un po’ che non guardo), dunque ho preferito sostituirlo con un cerchietto. Se vuoi puoi sostituire il file “s_pass.svg” con uno di tuo gradimento, dovrebbe funzionare, l’importante è che sia in SVG e abbia esattamente quel nome altrimenti devi modificare anche l’XML.

  9. Si. Il simbolo da te rappresentato per i colli e’ un cerchietto ma e’ molto piccolo e non si vede. Ho guardato la cartella dell’Elevate ed effettivamente ora metto°, piu’ simboli. Uno a 90, uno a 45 ecc. Non potendo fare tutto cio’ ho provato a fare un file svg con orientamento a 45 e lo ho cambiato. Purtroppo pero’ si vede sempre piccolissimo. Ci vuole la lente. Devo cambiare qualche codice nel file xml ?

  10. Ah, buona notizia, non mi ero accorto che è stato introdotto il supporto per la direzione dei passi… è che in realtà non uso quasi più le mappe MapsForge per cui sono rimasto un po’ indietro. Appena riesco faccio qualche prova anche se onestamente alla fine forse preferisco il puntino.

    Comunque nel frattempo se vuoi cambiare la dimensione del simbolo devi mettere mano all’XML, fra la riga 2190 e la 2216, devi cambiare il valore di symbol-width per ciascuna delle regole che trovi (sono 9).

  11. very nice theme, well done !
    how can one add in layers the entry “waymarks” like in elevate theme ?
    -it would be nice to show the trail markings-


  12. Hi Vlad, currently it’s not implemented in Tiramisù, other than hacking the theme the other solution is to use Elevate.

  13. Buongiorno, un dubbio: questo tema supporta le relazioni OSM dei sentieri CAI? In particolare me lo chiedevo perchè sto cercando un tema che faccia una cosa simile a Waymarked Trails, che prende il tag cai_scale e lo usa per definire il tratteggio ( e il colore rosso) dei percorsi CAI. Grazie!

  14. Ciao Michele, nel tema non è previsto, ma non credo nemmeno che l’informazione sia inserita nelle mappe. Avendo uno scopo globale la scala riportata è la SAC, cioè quella di default in OSM.

  15. Peccato! Però sono sicuro che ci siano, perché sono un contributor di OSM e ho aggiunto alcuni percorsi.

    Funziona così: le way sono i sentieri fisici e sono taggate con elementi come sac_scale, surface, eccetera, mentre si usano le relazioni per definire i percorsi ufficiali, con i tag principali che sono type=route e poi cai_scale e altri che ne definiscono le caratteristiche.

    C’è un po’di sovrapposizione, per esempio alcune way hanno nel nome il numero di sentiero, ma il modo “corretto” per riportare i sentieri è una relazione (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/w/index.php?title=CAI&#Percorsi_escursionistici)

    Comunque, se il sentiero appare su questo sito https://hiking.waymarkedtrails.org/ vuol dire che esiste una relazione associata ad esso

  16. No, aspetta… :-) Su OpenStreetMap (OSM) le relazioni ci sono sicuramente. Il tema però si applica ai file forniti da OpenAndroMaps (OAM), non ai dati originali. Non c’è nessuna mappa di mia conoscenza, per varie ragioni, che rappresenti tutto ciò che è inserito su OSM, ciascun fornitore filtra i dati e tiene solo quelli di suo interesse. Non mi risulta che OAM stia dietro a ogni particolarità nazionale. In ogni caso Tiramisù da parte mia è piuttosto in disuso, anche se non lo considero abbandonato non lo aggiorno da tre anni. Puoi provare a vedere se Elevate, che si evolve in parallelo a OAM, supporta la cosa.

  17. Aaah ok, scusami! Se non sbaglio Elevate ha i percorsi definiti da relazioni, ma non usa le difficoltà cai. A questo punto però sembra la scelta migliore, grazie per le info!

  18. Hi.
    I have a group on Telegram for OruxMaps and Tiramisu is very popular among the members of the group.
    I wanted to ask:
    Do you have plans to Update Tiramisu?
    There are a few little things that need to be corrected.
    I publish the URL of the group in case you want to visit us at some point.
    Thank you for your work.

    GPS OruxMaps 💬
    OruxMaps Users Group. 🌐


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